Reviewing “The House Of One Hundred Clocks.” by A.M. Howell.

I have read many books before, but none compare with A.M Howell’s fine story of one hundred clocks. And I certainly haven’t read many books with talking parrots in that are quite as special as Orbit! This is a story of adventure, mystery, clocks, secrets, and one father & daughter. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is…

“The House Of One Hundred Clocks.” by A.M. Howell.

The cover of the book.

‘She was certain something rather terrible had happened to Mr. Westcott and his family to make thing the way they were now.’

Helena Graham, her father, and her parrot Orbit are in Cambridge. Helena’s father has got a job working for Mr. Westcott who keeps a vast collection of clocks; one hundred to be precise. There is only one thing that Helena’s father must ensue — that the clocks NEVER stop. It sounds simple enough but is it really? As Helena starts to settle in she can’t seem to rid her mind of terribly thoughts and the tight feeling in her tummy refuses to go away. Also, strange incidents are happening which Helena feels that she can’t ignore. She knows she been told to button in and not ask questions but in these house of intrigue and mystery, is that going to be possible?

This was a very gripping and beautiful book. I really appreciated Orbit’s role in story as a reminder of Helena’s mother and therefore as a part of her soul that must not be lost. And I very much enjoyed Boy(Florence)’s love of planes and habit of dressing as a boy. The book was very nicely set in Cambridge which is near where I live. Also, I loved the description of Mr. Westcott and Mr. Fox’s houses and the contrast between them. And I would never have guessed Katherine’s intentions. A.M. Howell’s style is light enough to be easy, and jolly with good compelling tricks to make the story a page-turner. I think this is perfect for fans of Emma Carroll and Katherine Rundell. And you can’t beat a good talking parrot and a house of one hundred clocks.

Hetty Monksea