Reviewing “A Pocketful of Stars.” by Aisha Bushby.

I got this out of my local library after seeing it in a bookshop and I knew I would love it. I wasn’t wrong! This is such a powerful and emotional story with beautiful detail. I wanted to write this to share with you all how wonderful it is. I actually finished it a while ago but life was busy so I didn’t write this straight away. Anyway, I’m doing now. So here is my review of…

“A Pocketful of Stars.”

by Aisha Bushby.

front cover.

“The seconds that pass feel like an age, and it’s like Dad’s next words are spoken hours later, like I could fit a whole lifetime into those seconds.”

Safiya’s parents live apart and have done for some time. Although Safiya and her Mum used to have lots of fun together, they seem to have drifted apart. Safiya tells her Mum that they have nothing in common and that Safiya’s Dad understands her more. Safiya’s Mum says they do, but Safiya, not listening, storms out of her Mum’s flat. A while later Safiya gets a phone call from her Dad, something has happened, and what follows it changes everything…

This story is such a beautiful tale. I loved Bushby’s language and description, and how the story sees Safiya through a soul-transforming journey. I feel that this is one of those tales that is fresh and new every time you reread it. I know that this is a story that I will enjoy coming back to again and again, to laugh, to cry, and to feel inspired.

the end!