Jacky Daydream, by Jacqueline Wilson

“I was more than a fortnight late for my own birth.”

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I like Jacqueline Wilson’s books. And I like this book because in it she tells you about her own life – from a baby up to the age of 11. It tells you about when she was really young, before she could even probably remember.

At the end of each chapter, it shows you the link between the story of her childhood and her books. Each chapter finishes with a question asking you to make the connection between what you’ve read that chapter and one of her books.

For example at the end of a chapter when she tells the story of one of her childhood Christmases, she aks: “There’s a Christmas scene at the start and end of one of my books. Which do you think it is?” The answer is Clean Break – and she then includes a bit from that book.

The book also includes photos of her as a child, which I like.

If you like Jacqueline Wilson’s books, this is a good one to read, because it’s about her, and she talks about her own feelings, which I like.

“Then I started running all the way down the zigzag path for the sheer joy of it, still wondering if wishes ever came true.”




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