The Ordinary Princess, by M.M.Kaye

24 | October | 2011 | BellaOnBooks's Blog

Princess Amy is the seventh daughter of the King and Queen of Phantasmorania. The seventh princess is always the most elegant, beautiful and charming. However, when the fairies are invited to her christening, one of her godmothers – the fairy Crustacea – gives her the gift of ordinariness.

The king and queen want her to get married to a prince, but Amy has other ideas. She runs away and sets off on an adventure through the forest.

This book is amazing. I love it as it is unusual. It’s still a fairy tale, but not a regular one -and not even the usual obvious twist on a fairy tale, where the roles are reversed and a woman rescues a man.

Princess Amy loves the woods, she makes friends with animals, and she works as a kitchen maid in a castle so she can buy a new dress. The book is wonderfully unusual and full of surprises. I also love the unusual names that the author uses – Princess Amy’s full name is Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne!



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