The Adventures of Splodge Pig, by Sally Sheringham

Image result for Adventures of Splodge Pig, by Sally Sheringham

Splodge lives on Lemon Tree farm, but then he crosses the hot white desert to go to live in a jungle full of wild animals.

This book is a bit funny, but that isn’t the main thing about it. I like how everybody thinks Splodge can’t do anything, because he’s just a fat lazy pig. He has quite a few narrow escapes and every time he tricks the other animals. It’s a good story.

Splodge has got a satchel, and he has lots of unusual stuff in there, like a balloon, and all of his things help him to rid the jungle of tigers.

One thing that is not so good is that there is no information about the story on the back cover.

I like all of the drawings. I also like that the pictures go from black and white to colour and back to black and white and so on. AMMN


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