Element Girls – The Lost Goddess, by Giulietta M. Spudich


This book is about four girls who are very good friends. During the story they discover that they each have an elemental power. In the Lost Goddess, Amelia is kidnapped by her evil father and taken to a cave on a Hawaiian island. He wants her to mine “the dark” – an evil substance in a stone. Amelia discovers that there is a goddess trapped in the walls of the cave and she decides she must free the goddess. Her friends discover magic and their own powers and go to Hawaii to help Amelia.

I like this book, because it is about magic and a goddess, and I really like the way that the author uses dreams to explain important parts of the story. I found that the story is exciting and gripping, and I wanted to keep reading until I had finished it. I appreciated that the author talks about the girls’ feelings and the reality of their relationships.



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