Red Dog by Louis de Bernieres

Why the kelpie breeders who bred Koko, the famed star of Red Dog ...
A Red Cloud Kelpie, just like Red, the dog in this book.

Follow the adventures of Red, the red cloud Kelpie, who lives in Australia. Red lives in a community and is not owned by anyone. He hangs out with different people, but eventually chooses to live with John the bus-driver. Red has an adventure in every chapter. He steals sausages, gets shot and befriends a cat. He is also well known for his really smelly farts!

I think that the author describes places and characters with a depth that really helps you to imagine you are there. I feel that the book is relaxed and gentle – not a fast-paced adventure. The book is told from the point of view of the dog, so I got a real insight into dogs and how they behave, and the reasons for their behaviour. There is also some sadness in this book.

Louis de Bernieres has also written a very good prequel to this, about a different dog, called Blue Dog. BJMN


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