Lalani of the distant sea By Erin Entrada Kelly

A book review by Amber Hoare

What would you do if you could see the a dismal future for you and your village? All the people getting ill. All the droughts to come. But everything could be so much better…if only someone could cross the veiled sea.

Lalani lives on Sanlagita, a hard-working island. This year the drought is worse than ever. More and more men sail over the horizon to find the good fortunes of life beyond the veiled sea. But none have returned. Legend also says Mount Kahna, the mountain towering over Sanlagita, is roamed by a monster. But Lalani is not afraid of legend. Its only a myth. Right?

If I had to put an age recommendation on this book I’d say it’s for kids of a 10-13 sort of age. But others will also enjoy it, maybe parents too.

I loved the mystery and fast-pace of this book. I also though the way the author tells you pieces from the stories and myths of the island, as well as telling bits from the perspective of the creatures Lalani meets, is very clever and contributes a lot to the story. So you know a little more than Lalani, but not enough to spoil it.

I highly recommend this is a fantasy adventure novel. It’s set in a imaginary world, on a imaginary island, and is about Lalani and her quest for a better life for her and the rest of Sanlagita.


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