Reviewing “Coraline.” by Neil Gaiman.

I’ve just finished readinf the awesome book that is “Coraline.” by 

Neil Gaiman and I LOVED it! It is so good, so deliciously dark, fast-paced and wonderful.

the end of the book.

The plot moves well throughout the whole story & each character is meaningfully placed. I’d give it four and a half stars out of five.

the book cover.

It was a beautiful story and I really enjoyed all the quirky characters, especially the black cat, as they were all quite fun. I also found it interesting that you didn’t find out the weird guy(with the mice)’s name until the end and then it turned out to be rather an odd name indeed. Miss Spink and Miss Foriceable reading Coraline’s tea leaves was funny for me as I don’t know anyone myself who does that. Anyway, it was a highly enjoyable story and I’m now thinking of watching the film.



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